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Helping supermarkets lower operating costs by reducing energy use and inventory loss with energy efficiency solutions

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Grocers can enjoy an equivalent

$1 million sales boost

Reducing energy use by 10% equals over $1 million in equivalent sales according to the EPA's ENERGY STAR program, for an average size 50K sq. ft. store with $200,000 in annual energy costs.

Refrigeration and lighting accounts for over 50% of energy costs. With razor thin profit margins around 1%, every dollar saved in your store counts.

The CoolSave program offers eligible grocers in PG&E territory no-cost energy efficiency solutions to improve the bottom line. 

Achieve Cost Reduction & Sustainability Goals

Eligible grocers may receive no-cost technical assistance and incentives with the CoolSave program to identify, plan and implement energy saving projects that meet budgets, increase sustainability and boost the bottom line.

Store Benefits

Supermarkets can boost bottom lines and improve equipment operation with these CoolSave program benefits and receive free technical assistance and incentives for project planning and implementation.

Lower Energy Costs

Energy saving projects and automated, safe, demand limiting reduce consumption and demand costs.

Reduce Product Loss

Case temperature monitoring ensures product integrity and safety, reducing product shrink from unsafe temperatures.

Extend Equipment Life

Fault detection for compressor short-cycling alerts facility staff for early action, increasing equipment life.

Fewer False Alarms

Alarm fatigue from nuisance alarms can be a thing of the past, focusing staff attention on what matters.

What is CoolSave?

CoolSave is a publicly funded program for implementing energy saving solutions in eligible grocery stores within PG&E customer territory.

CoolSave provides free technical assistance and financial incentives to eligible mid-size and large grocers.

Technical and project support from energy experts at kW Engineering help grocery stores and chains achieve sustainable and more profitable stores.

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Program Benefits

CoolSave provides instrumental support to relieve constrained facility staff and incentives for successful and cost-effective energy efficiency projects.

No-cost technical support

Free store energy scoping studies and implementation support makes projects easier and more successful.

Low hassle incentives

Grocery stores can receive up to $2,000 for OpEx energy saving solutions and $0.12/kWh for CapEx projects.

Value adds

Facility staff and managers can see real-time case temperatures with data visualization dashboards.

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No-Cost Services


  • Project Scoping / Analysis
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Technical Assistance
  • Commissioning
  • Demand Response Integration
  • Financing Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Fault Detection

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